Technical Communication Services

Millenneoteric strives to provide organizations with the reference documentation they need to provide guidelines for compliance, quality assurance, processing, and similar concerns. The manuals we build for our customers allow them to maintain smooth business operations.

Among the types of manuals generated by Millenneoteric, in consultation with you, by Millenneoteric are technical and regulatory manuals. In general, technical manuals articulate details peculiar to, or characteristic of, a particular art, science, profession, trade or the like. Regulatory manuals are generally designed to control or direct practices to assure adherence to compliance (e.g. GMPs), quality, performance, shipping, sourcing, or product standards.

Our expertise in technical communications extends far beyond just developing manuals. We can produce a broad range of more than a dozen other types of reporting tools from life-cycle and feasibility reports to fact sheets. Everything we develop is done in full consultation with our client to ensure we produce a product which is accurate and tailored to your precise specifications.


Technical Communications Services -- Developing Technical Writing Products: Coaching and Training


·      Technical Reports: Training on development and construction of scientific, technical and non-scientific professional reports.


·      Instruction Content: A-B-C training on developing content for standard operating procedure (SOP) manuals, commercial product instructions, industry manuals and good manufacturing guidelines (GMPs), abstracts, proposals and executive summaries.


·      Good Manufacturing Practices: Teaches details of manufacturing practices and product requirements.