Strategic Planning and Advocacy

- Identifying Priorities and Leveraging Beneficial Practices -


Millenneoteric will help your organization deal effectively with decision makers by identifying regulatory and policy barriers to your business or operation. We’ll work to construct an appropriate plan to advocate on your behalf and will engage our client’s active participation in this process.


We provide training on how to be effective in dealing with the regulatory community and members of Congress by identify strategies for conveying your message and leveraging the beneficial practices of your business, by promoting the favorable narrative of your product, to stakeholders and the public. Millenneoteric’s leadership has nearly 20 years of successful experience advocating – on complex technical issues – on behalf of several trade associations and non-profit organizations. Understanding the regulatory and legislative framework are essential to effective advocacy. Millenneoteric has the experience to apply this expertise to a wide range of clients.


Specific Strategic Planning and Advocacy Services Offered


·     Strategic Planning: Develop strategic plans and lead organizational workshops on strategic plan training including identification of goals, resources, timeline, and desired outcomes.


·     Partnerships: Training organizations on details of developing stakeholder collaborations for effective advocacy.


·     Dealing Effectively with Decision Makers: Offer lobbying and/or training to increase an organization’s profile and influence with decision makers, e.g. legislators, regulators, stakeholders, etc.


·     Leverage Beneficial Practices: Assist organizations and businesses in promoting and advocating the societal benefits and favorable narrative of their product, techniques, applications and reporting systems.