Critical Skills Development

 - Enhancing Efficiency Through Coaching and Training -


 Coaching through instruction can provide the training that leads to proficiency in one’s profession, work, or study. Does your enterprise or institution experience skill challenges that your employees or students lack training in? Let Millenneoteric provide the training your organization needs.


We provide training on strategic planning, development of scientific and technical reports, research and critical skills methodology, preparing effective technical presentations, details of certain good manufacturing practice requirements, and navigation of regulatory review tools.


Proficiency characterizes the level of competency and skill in any art, science or subject and is a characteristic that can help an organization produce at a high level by having well-trained people.  Enhancing proficiency in critical skills through training is a central component of our approach. Millenneoteric can design specific internal training, in the areas noted above, for small businesses, government operations, NGOs, trade associations, large companies, schools, or student groups.


Specific Critical Skills Training Services Offered


·      Scientific Practices: Training on foundation of basic scientific research methods.


·      Critical Reading and Problem Solving: Covers critical reading as a practical skill and problem-solving technique.


·      Technical Presentations: Training on fundamentals of developing and presenting effective technical presentations.