Critical Skills Development

Strategic Planning and Advocacy

Millinneoteric can help organizations increase their profile with policy decision makers through advocacy and training. Advocacy is a great way to counter adverse propaganda and promote the beneficial aspects on your business and products.

If your organization needs technical documents, such as manuals to serve as regulatory guideline tools, Millenneoteric has the technical skill to develop the type of report you need. Don't put your compliance resource needs in just any hands; let us provide you with quality report that meets your expectations. We can generate a wide range of technical documents and reports specific to your needs.

Providing Training and Resource Services for Clients

Coaching is a process that can prepare individuals or groups with the skills necessary for carrying out specific functions related to their job or assignments.

Embracing Professionalism and Excellence

Millenneoteric is a Client Resource Facilitator firm designed to provide expertise to individuals and organizations with resource needs in areas of technical communications, technical writing, project and advocacy management, lobbying, strategic planning, and critical skills training and development. Millenneoteric also offers training workshops and seminars in a wide range of technical writing and related communications in addition to strategic planning, professional skills development, advocacy and offers specific toolkit resources. Based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Millenneoteric is available to work with trade associations, foundations, start-ups, small businesses and education systems.


The customer’s needs are the Number One priority. We strive to remain flexible in utilizing our resources to meet the needs your organization requires. For example, our technical writing and training services are designed for projects and organizations regardless of public or private sector affiliation, profession, or enterprise. The portfolio of services may also be tailored to supplement education skills anticipated those entering today’s workforce.


Expertise Based on Experience

T. Paul Wilson, Ph.D. is the founder and owner of Millenneoteric.   Over the course of his career in industry, trade association and government sectors, Dr. Wilson has constructed strategic plans and identified pathways to assist industries comply with complex regulations. His expertise is honed from over 30 years of technical, management, and leadership experience in industry, government, and non-profit sectors along with roles in economics, science, and teaching. Millenneoteric’s business philosophy is assured through Dr. Wilson's major competitive strengths and core competencies, which are summarized below:

  I.         Major Competitive Strengths

o    Expertise and Knowledge Skills: Technical Communications, Regulatory Analysis, Critical Thinking, and Science Disciplines

o    Organizational Skills: Strategic Planning, Coaching/Training, Outreach, and Project Management

o    Management Practices: Sound Client Partnership, Accountability, Professionalism, Strategic Thinking and Leadership

o    Client Relationships: Understanding Goals and Expectations, Constructive Feedback, and Achieving Solutions

o    Analytical Skills: Identifying Problems, Developing Solutions, and Forecasting Outcomes

o    Sector Experience: Manufacturing (multiple industries), Government (science and trade), Non-Profit, Academic (teaching, training and enhancing student research and critical skills development), and International (Codex, Biosafety Protocols)


 II.          Core Competencies

o    Business Acumen: Operations, Management, Inspections/Audits, Compliance, Negotiations

o    Interpersonal Characteristics:  Leadership, Motivator, Consensus Building, and Team Building

o    Personal Qualities: Ethical Judgement, Experienced, Innovative, Steady and Attentive


Dr. Wilson guarantees the ability to effectively provide targeted product and training services to individual business, trade, government or academic organizations. Dr. Wilson earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University.  He also holds Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees from The Pennsylvania State University and Morgan State University, respectively.